Vine in Acrylic | Monthly Milestone Discs


  • $58.95

Place these quality clear acrylic discs next to baby and take a photo with your phone or camera to capture your baby as they grow.

These discs are clear so take on the background colour they are placed on. They work amazingly well on darker colours. They each have a word/number printed on white acrylic which is fastened to the disc. Giving it a 3D look. 
An amazing unique gift for expecting mummies who have everything! 

****** THESE DISCS ARE ONLY TO BE USED AS PHOTO PROPS!! Never leave child unattended and please be responsible when using * ******

Printed on quality 3mm clear acrylic and each number/word is cut with 2mm white acrylic and fastened on top. Carved with laser. approx 9.8cm width

1x calico bag
13x wooden discs

Discs say: 
- LOOK who is here
- ONE week old
- ONE month old
- TWO months old
- THREE months old
- FOUR months old
- FIVE months old
- SIX months old
- SEVEN months old
- EIGHT months old
- NINE months old
- TEN months old
- ELEVEN months old
- TWELVE months old

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